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28th Aug 2023

A mum inspires ‘present’ parenting by showing effects of phone usage

The difference it makes is incredible.

An influencer mum on TikTok is inspiring parents online to put down their phones in a video series which highlights how too much phone usage can impact your parenting.

Victoria Yavyni’s series called ‘Same Day Different Parenting‘ shows the contrasting results that being on or off your phone can have when you are with your child.

In the split screen, Victoria can be seen engaging and giving her undivided attention to her child while she is not on her phone, while also being shown still monitoring her child but somewhat distracted on her phone.

@toriyav You can be present but do they feel your presence? #parenting #motherhood #momlife #viral #fyp #toddlermom #CapCut #life #mom #kids ♬ original sound – Victoria

“You can be present but do they feel your presence?” Victoria questions.

These videos have sparked a discussion in the comments sections with some parents applauding her and being inspired to do the same, while others say it’s not realistic all of the time. Some are even in agreement with both of those statements.

“They always notice your phone guys ALWAYS just throw it in your room and forget about it *I am guilty too*” one user wrote.

“I love these videos. They make me realize I need to put my phone down,” one parent admitted.

“Great video! Remember both are great together, teaching independence and self entertainment is just as important as being present!” one added.

“I love this so much. It’s so sad that SO many parents now are always on their phone and not actually making memories with their kids,” another shared.

@toriyav No words needed. #parenting #momlife #toddlermom #fyp #viral #momcontent #motherhood #life #mom #kids ♬ original sound – davi

Victoria, when replying to comments that felt both versions of parenting are okay, says she believes that balance is key when it comes to phone usage and parenting.