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01st Mar 2024

This is why one mum serves her kids dinner at 3 pm

Anna Martin

This is why one mum serves her kids dinner at 3 pm

What time is dinner served in your house?

For most people, they’ll probably say sometime in the evening – more than likely between 5.30 pm and 7:00 pm. However, one mother has decided to forgo this tradition.

Let’s be real, it can be hard to find the time day to even make dinner, nevermind serve it up and getting the whole family to take a seat at the table.

So mum-of-four, Aimee Connor, has decided to pick a time that suits her best and it just so happens to be 3:00 pm.

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To explain her choice, the busy mum opted to share her explanation on TikTok – and it now it seems to make sense to us.

To get the afternoon off to a strong start, Aimee goes straight into food prep by making a broccoli, bacon and cheese pizza for her youngest children at 2:39 pm.

She’s so organised, that by this point her one-year-old, three-year-old and five-year-old have all had a nap and a bath before she even has the oven turned on.

Aimee explained that her children tend to wake up and are immediately ready to eat, “so why not feed them the most amount of nutrients now and then snack later”.

Her husband picks up their eldest daughter from school while the mum and TikTok creator manages to give the bathroom a quick clean before going straight back to meal prep.

When her daughter gets in the door, she has potatoes and bacon sitting on the counter ready for her. Throughout the clip, Aimee continuously shows how much time has passed on the clock to show how efficient her routine is.

This is why one mum serves her kids dinner at 3 pm
Credit: TikTok

Showing the time at 3:05 pm, the mum calls her three youngest for dinner and starts the process again for her eldest daughter.

The kids finish off their dinner with ice cream for dessert, and Aimee shows that the time is at 4:07 pm and the two meals she made for herself and her husband are ready.

Talking about the benefits of the routine she explained: “We eat in silence because everyone’s eating their ice-cream and then it frees up the rest of the night. [We] can play games, I can do a workout – so there’s no pressure.”

Though it might not suit every family’s routine, it certainly works for Aimee and her crew.