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11th Jan 2019

Mum shares post about how damaging stereotypes can be for disabled parents

Melissa Carton

Recently there has been a new viral trend making its way around social media.

The online challenge sees people turn their job titles, hobbies, etc., into movie stereotypes.

While the viral challenge itself is just a bit of fun, some activists like mother Fi Anderson, have used it to point out some real issues.

Fi Anderson is a blogger and mother with muscular dystrophy who is openly vocal about the adversities disabled parents face every day.

Among these is the stereotype often perpetuating in pop culture that disabled parents are incapable of looking after their children.

Anderson posted to Facebook during the week using the trending challenge;

“You may/may not of seen within the disabled community of Twitter, these “I’m a disabled _________ in a movie” tweets floating about, challenging the message film writers/able actors playing disabled people are implementing in today’s society on how to view people with disabilities. I thought I’d join in with how disabled Mothers are shown in films and how damaging of a notion that is to people with disabilities wanting to start families. Stigmas stick and are often FAR from reality.”

Anderson hopes that with the help of her blog and social media presence, more people become aware of what life is really like as a disabled parent.