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02nd Mar 2017

Mum who went on live TV while breastfeeding is our multi-tasking hero

Amanda Cassidy

Potty-training my 18-month- old while nursing my son was, well, interesting…

With my daughter, I would cosy up on the couch and spend hours feeding and snoozing but on baby number two it all changes.

I fed more standing up than I did sitting down and that included having him latched on while racing around with a plastic potty and doing conga line to the bathroom.

Well, my multi-tasking now pales in comparison to this legend.

Rachel Sklar was asked to do a live broadcast from her home on a CBC news segment. She often appears to discuss parenting matters and this time she didn’t want to disturb her daughters routine.

“I used my laptop camera and set it up so it cropped me just below the shoulders. It was about a five minute segment.”

And nobody noticed until the last moment when little Ruby decided she wanted a cameo of her own.

Her little hand appears just as mum Rachel, was signing off. Check it out:


And her followers were quick to congratulate her on her fantastic multi-tasking.

Respect, Rachel respect.