Parents call out Norma Foley's 'voluntary' contribution fee comments 1 month ago

Parents call out Norma Foley's 'voluntary' contribution fee comments

Parents have slated Norma Foley for her comments about the voluntary contribution fee.

The Minister for Education told parents that they shouldn't feel pressured to pay the fee.

Norma Foley told parents that the fee isn't mandatory, but many pointed out that schools refuse to give pupils their lockers and school journals until the fee is paid.

According to the Irish Mirror, she said no parent should "be compelled to pay a voluntary contribution to a school".

"I have to reiterate that because that is factual as per the Education Act.

"I think we’re all very conscious of the burden that has been placed on parents and as I say, today, in terms of a €53million investment, so that the burden of the cost of books is not being placed on the shoulders of parents at primary level."

Many parents agreed that the fee is too high and suggested it should be lowered.

"Maybe even lower it, some secondary schools are charging 150 a child and holding back lockers and journals till its paid."


One parent defended the fee: "Without the voluntary contributions some schools wouldn't be able to afford to cover all of their costs including art materials, heating and lighting bills, etc."

"If parents don’t pay the voluntary payment their children won’t receive lockers or get homework journals. It is a disgrace and should be abolished," one said.

Another added: "My child was locked out of locker until we paid school contributions, it’s a disgrace, life is hard enough for some families."

One parent said parents shouldn't be intimidated by schools and the pressure to pay the fee. "It's time that parents fought back."

Do you think the contribution fee should be completely scrapped?