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02nd Oct 2023

Would you send your child to a Catholic school even if you’re an atheist?

Choosing a school for your child is such a difficult decision.

The school you choose for them will impact their lives for years. You need to find somewhere that is the right fit for them, but a place that also suits your beliefs.

One mum is feeling conflicted about her child’s school because of her religious beliefs.

She told Reddit: “We moved to a small town. Put my kiddo in the public school and it’s under 100 students.. 4 classrooms.”

However, they’ve come from the city and their daughter is struggling to deal with the change.

She explained that her little girl isn’t as excited about school now and is considering moving her.

However, her only option is a Catholic school, but her family are not religious.

“The other option is the catholic one, which has a lot more people and is attached to a high school. It’s a lot nicer.

“My issue is that it’s catholic and French immersion. I grew up going to catholic schools and would argue as I got older about religion, but the schools were great and better than the public ones I went to.”

Her mum said she is also concerned about not being able to speak fluent French.

“We are atheists but I’m also spiritual, and open about my kid learning religions.”

“My daughter knows Jesus and God as fictional characters because the idea of them doesn’t make sense to her and we’re a big science family, but I think she’s actually interested to learn more about it,” she said.

“I don’t know what to do and if sending her would be the right choice but she’s so bored at her current school and genuinely does not want to go every day. She’s a bright kid.”

What would you do if you were in this mum’s shoes?

Many Reddit users agreed that sending her to the better school would be worth it. However, others agreed that taking up a space if she isn’t a Catholic.