Pre-teen bucket list: great things to do as a family (before they don’t want to) 6 years ago

Pre-teen bucket list: great things to do as a family (before they don’t want to)

There’ll come a day when your kids would rather eat bees than to be seen in public with you.

Shocking, we know, but seemingly true.

So should you be in possession of a child aged under 12, be sure to hug them extra close... because soon enough physical contact from their parents will be decidedly repulsive for them.

And if you're looking for inspiration for memorable days out and activities, you’ll get brilliant ideas by checking out Family Time Quiz. Use it to make lists of stuff, plan your weekends, and sort out your summer holidays.

Here are our top ways to work through your pre-teen bucket-list...

1) Organise a road-trip:

Sit down with a map or the Sat-Nav and let the kids plan the route. Pack a picnic or factor-in snack stops. And as they're the ones following the map during the drive they’ll be able to themselves answer that perennial question “Are we there yet”?

2) Set up a tent:


It provides all the craic of camping but nobody has to pee in a field. Tell stories in the dark; have a sing-song and, if the weather permits, you might be able to actually sleep out there. A little gas stove does the job for some marshmallow roasting (a vital component of wilderness-survival training).

3) Be charitable:

Acts of kindness give a big serotonin boost for a real feel-good factor, so encourage your kids to help other people. Have a toy clear-out for a worthy cause; volunteer or organise a sponsored activity – teaching your children to be kind is a lesson they’ll remember their whole lives.

4) Get sweaty!

Let the kids decide on activity days you can all share. Cycling; roller-skating; even chucking a ball around the garden gets everyone away from screens and moving. Try a Saturday morning disco in your front room – your years of snigger-free mum and dad dancing are limited.

5) Make a mess:

Clear the table for a mega arts and crafts day. Decide on a project to create (like masks, frames, clay figures or customised cards) and let them make a giant mess; write the date on their creations for a nostalgic giggle later in life.

You’ll find great inspiration for days out here. Make sure you take loads of photos too; perfect for a bit of tactical mortification in years to come!