Science says putting the kids to bed early will make you a happier mum 2 years ago

Science says putting the kids to bed early will make you a happier mum

Tired kids are – well, let's just agree – horrible.

You might be strict about their bedtime because, well... sleep is important and you don't want to have to deal with them the next day.

However, did you know that sticking to an early bedtime isn't just good for kids' health and wellbeing, but also all sorts of good for you too?

It's true – and not just because putting the kids to bed at a reasonable time might mean you get an early night too, but according to science, when kids go to bed earlier, mums are happier.

A Growing Up Australia study looked at thousands of kids beginning more than a decade ago. Researchers used interviews, conducted every two years, to evaluate families' mental health and sleep habits. Not only did they determine that kiddos who hit the hay by 8:30 at night displayed "better health-related quality of life," but guys – so did their mums.

Surprising? Not really.

We reckon the easiest explanation for this is mums might get to bed slightly earlier if their kids go to bed nice and early, but also, and more importantly, it might mean that mums actually have time to focus on just themselves for a little bit, whether that means a hot bath, a couple of episodes of something on Netflix or simply some adult-only conversation and downtime with their partners.


And don't worry if you struggle to get the kids to bed early – just start slowly, and aim for a routine that is doable, based on your kids ages and how you afternoons and evening pan out. If you already have a routine that's working, but you don't start it until much later than you'd like, consider moving the time forward by 15 minutes or a half hour each day. You'll no doubt all reap the benefits very soon.