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13th Mar 2017

This random act of kindness will give you goosebumps

Amanda Cassidy

This stranger came to the rescue of a dad and his child and it has restored our faith in human nature.

In the US over the weekend, a man was checking in for his flight but was devastated to find out that because his little girl was over two years old he had to pay for her flight too.

The problem, of course, that last minute flights are pretty flipping expensive. Over 700 dollars expensive.

Obviously, the man was distraught and not only couldn’t afford the flight but couldn’t afford to rebook the flight either.

According to the verified report by Love What Matters, the man stepped aside and clutching his daughter’s hand started to make a few calls while getting increasingly upset.

A woman standing beside him at the check-in counter heard the whole thing. She stepped forward and said she was going to pay for the little girl’s ticket.

The man was bowled over and hugged her asking her name so he could repay her. But she kept saying not to worry about it. 

The story has touched the hearts of so many and the post has now gone viral.

One commenter said:

“I won’t share who this lady is. But I do know her. I know her family kids and grandkids get together frequently to discuss how they can use the abundance and blessings they get to serve and give back to others. She is an inspiration every time I see her and is constantly giving freely. She is so full of love for everyone and does what is needed without being asked.”

It has also encouraged others to share their stories of random acts of kindness:

Tera Vickers commented under the post:

“In 2007 I was on my home from Iraq, on my last leg going from Milwaukee to Kansas City. Not thinking much about anything else then getting home, I approached the flight check in desk to start boarding. The attendant told me that there was something wrong with my ticket. Aww, come on, I just wanted to get home…. she said the problem was with my seat assignment. Huh? I was ticketed for seat 9C. I was told that this was a full flight. She took my ticket, scratched it out and wrote 1b and handed it back. Someone had given up their 1st class seat so that I could ride home in comfort. I bawled after I had learned what someone had done. To this day, I pay it forward whenever I can and the opportunity arrives.”

And the stories have been pouring in.

Let us know your random act of kindness story. Let’s pay it forward!