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09th Feb 2017

The real-life pros and cons of being a working mum

Alison Bough

Being a working mum can be hard at times; the constant childcare juggling, the time away from the kids, and the I-didn’t-bake-the-buns-for-the-bakesale-guilt.

But when the days are long, the coffee is strong, and I feel like I’m dead on my feet, I try to shift my focus to all the good things there are about going out to work as a mum. Here is my list of all the pros and cons working mamas weigh up on a daily basis.


Pro: It’s definitely nice to have extra cash to spend on my little munchkins. Especially because I never thought I’d see the day when my own wardrobe would take a backseat to someone else’s.

Con: Working in an area where I’m surrounded by boutique (read as expensive) coffee shops and hipster restaurants means that, in reality, I end up spending a small fortune every week on what I put into my gob. Expenditure I mentally justify as being well-deserved for getting up at 5.45AM


Pro: There’s a new uniform in town and it ain’t snot friendly. Black is back, jewellery has made a reappearance and the heels have returned.

Con: Rooting around a dark bedroom in the early hours of the morning desperately searching for tights that don’t have a hole in toe, while trying not to wake the kids up. Getting dressed while my brain is still asleep inevitably leads to me realising at 5PM that my shirt has been inside out all day long (true story).


Pro: When I’m at work, I get to sit down. A lot. In fact, some days, sitting at a desk can feel like a day off compared to spending an entire day running after a threenager. But only some days.

Con: At home I might have to deal with a toddler shouting at me to bring her apple juice and wipe her bum but at least I know she can’t actually fire me if I ignore her.

Food & Drink

Pro: I don’t have to share my food when I’m at work. Plus, I get to drink my coffee while it’s still hot. Fantastic.

Con: I recently over indulged my coffee-habit (in the name of work deadlines) to the point where I developed a six-week twitch in my left eye. Not so fantastic.

No Peppa Pig

Pro: No whiney, spoiled, annoying, little high-pitched pig. No bing-bong song, no nasal-voiced rabbits, no elves blowing trumpets or fairies getting into wand fiascos. No…oh you see where I’m going here.

Con: Office gossip is just not as entertaining as the ever-increasing sexual tension between Nanny Plum and The Wise Old Elf.


Pro: Under normal circumstances, over an hour’s commute would be gruelling. But when the only downtime you really get at home is going to the loo alone, commute time becomes ‘me time’.

Con: Leaving for work before your kids are even awake and coming home close to their bedtime is an unwanted, high-dose, daily injection of GUILT.

The Bants

Pro: It’s not just the free-flowing adult conversation in the office that’s a perk, it’s also the novelty of people asking about you and not just your child’s sleeping, eating, or pooing habits.

Con: Ugh, people.


Pro: At the end of every working day, I am like a kid on Christmas Eve as I race back home to their happy little faces and shouts of “Mummy’s home!” – safe in the knowledge that my absence makes their hearts grow fonder.

Con: Secretly panicking that my absence does not, in fact, make their hearts grow fonder. Syringe of guilt anyone?

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