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14th Nov 2023

Karen Koster leaving Virgin Media to spend more time with her children

Kat O'Connor

Karen Koster shared some major career news this week

Presenter, Karen Koster, has announced she is stepping down from the ‘Six O’Clock Show’ to spend more time with her family.

The host announced her news live on air last night but made the decision to leave months ago.

Speaking about her exit, Koster said she has loved every moment of her 20 years in Virgin Media, but decided it was time to focus on her family even more.

“Even though I’ve been thinking about this for months, now that I’ve said it on air, it’s all starting to feel real.”

Karen confirmed she will present her final ‘Six O’Clock Show’ next week. She is leaving “for the simple reason that I just need to be home more with my family in the evenings”.

The presenter said being part of the show has been “a ball” and she feels so lucky to have been part of it.

She praised everyone including the production team, producers, and gallery crew.

She also took the time to praise her co-host and former ‘Love Island’ star Greg O’Shea.“Truthfully the only downside to The Six O’Clock show is that it’s on at 6 O’Clock! And that’s simply a time when I need to be at home, rather than in the studio.”

Karen teased that it won’t be the last fans see of her as she’s always happy to jump “back into the hot seat” should the team need her.

The show won’t be the same without Karen, but family always comes first.