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24th Aug 2023

Dublin schools could be without teachers next week due to cost of living crisis

Kat O'Connor

Principals are warning parents that there may be teacher shortages when schools return next week.

There are growing concerns about the teacher shortage as many Dublin schools struggle to find staff for the new term. The main issue is due to the cost of living crisis pricing teachers out of Dublin.

The Director of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals, Paul Crone said principals are struggling to find staff.

He told RTÉ Radio 1 that they’re looking at hiring people with teaching degrees if they can’t find qualified teachers.

He shared: “It’s quite a stressful week for principals, and their heads are very much buried in the books in their own school just trying to make sure that when they open up that they’ve a teacher in front of every classroom and that they can try and offer the best service to their students.”

Paul Crone said principals are “intuitive” and will find solutions to the staffing issues, but it is a situation that could be avoided.

“They’re generally very good at finding solutions, but they can’t magic up people if they don’t have them, that’s the issue.”

He believes paying teachers more is one thing that could help the staffing issue.