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25th Mar 2015

Show your buggy some love with these nifty accessories

Is your buggy looking a little lonesome?

Nowhere to put your drink while you’re out pushing the buggy? Or maybe you’re fed up of losing your gloves when you take them off to answer the phone. Whatever the issue, these eight handy accessories for pushchairs will not only fit most models, but will also solve most of those pesky buggy-related niggles.


1. Mummy Mitts


These weatherproof mittens will keep your hands warm and dry while on the buggy. They conveniently attach to the buggy handle so you don’t have to faff or worry about losing a glove. One size fits all.


2. Hamster Buggy Bags


These nifty bags help stop buggies from tipping backwards. They come in a pair (one for each side of the pushchair) and attach easily using velcro and quick release buckles. You’ll also have loads of storage space for all your MANY essentials.


3. BuggyTug Universal Pram Wrist Strap


This detachable pram wrist strap attaches to any single handle buggy (and your wrist) to give you peace of mind by ensuring that the pushchair stays with you. Don’t worry, the stretch in the fabric means that you can still reach into the changing bag or use your phone (phew).


4. Buggy weights


If you’re prone to loading bags onto the handle of your buggy then you definitely need these guys, which help balance your pushchair and stop it from falling over. They also have reflective strips for night time visibility.


5. BuggyBoard


The BuggyBoard ride-on platform is a safe and practical way to transport tired young children, aged two-six years. Easy to manoeuvre and store, the board attaches to your buggy to provide security for your child in busy places, making outings a little less stressful.


6. phil&teds universal bottle holder


This handy holder means you can keep hydrated while out and about, without needing a third arm. It can easily slide up and down the frame, and fits a 1.5 litre bottle.


7. Mothercare mGo Handy Hanger


This helpful accessory attaches to the mGo Universal connector to form a hanger for light bags. (The maximum load weight is 5kg.)


8. Betty Bramble Buggy Liner


Available in retro, vintage and classic designs, the Betty Bramble Buggy Liner is ideal for bringing some colour, comfort and cleanliness to your buggy. A universal design to fit three and five point harnesses, the liners are reversible with breathable cotton on one side and corduroy on the other; as well as being lightly padded.