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06th Oct 2023

‘My son’s nose was broken in school and they didn’t call me about it’

Kat O'Connor

One mum was left in shock after her son returned home from school with a broken nose.

He said another child ran into him during the school day, but his teachers failed to tell the mum about the incident.

When she collected him, she noticed his nose was swollen and bloody.

She told Reddit: “When he got in the car his nose was extremely swollen, with dried blood on his face and arms.

“I asked him what happened and he said he and another girl were running and collided with each other earlier in the day.”

The mum was understandably furious that the school failed to contact her over the incident. It was a simple accident, but she believes they should’ve told her.

Things got worse when she realised her son’s nose was actually broken the next morning.

“I instantly became angry because the school did not call me at all and he even said he went to the nurse’s office.

“I thought the swelling might go down but when we woke up this morning it was a little worse with bruising around both eyes.”

His mum rushed him to the urgent care where doctors confirmed his nose was broken.

Fellow parents couldn’t believe how careless the school was. They apologised when the boy’s mum told them about his broken nose, but many agreed she should’ve been told about the accident straight away.

The mum said, “I am SO UPSET that the school did not notify me and he sat in class all day with a BROKEN NOSE.

“I went in and they just apologized but that doesn’t make me feel safer as they saw his face swell throughout the day and did absolutely nothing.”