Here Are The (Surprising) Top Things Parents Are Searching On Pinterest 6 years ago

Here Are The (Surprising) Top Things Parents Are Searching On Pinterest

I could spend hundreds of happy hours wiling away the time on Pinterest.

The pretty crafts, the pastel nurseries and don't get me started on the cute snack ideas.

Now, the online lifestyle platform has revealed it's official trend report for 2017.

This is what parents have been talking (and pinning) about in the past year.

1.Story Starters

What better way to nurture their creativity than writing prompts. If you have a budding novelist this is an ideal way to encourage them to write and illustrate their own books.  These flash cards are just ideas to help children get started with writing imaginative and whimsical stories that can be about mysterious and magical places or anything at all!

(Image via Carson-Dellosa)

2. Fairy Gardens


Who doesn't need a fairy garden in their lives? It is the easiest, most magical way to capture your child's imagination while also building a pretty area in your garden. Some of the creations are truly mindblowing, but all seem relatively achievable. You may have to outsource the miniature furniture whittling, though.

(Image via Rose Sala Garden)

3. Homemade Popsicles

The beauty of Pinterest is that it makes everything seem doable - The beauty of these ice pops is that they are doable! There are hundreds of delicious combinations and pretty pictures to encourage even the most un-kitchen friendly of families. And they are (mostly) healthy. No wonder parents everywhere have been searching for recipes like these blueberry and lemon ice-pops. Mmmm.

(Image via

4. Woodland Nurseries


Tree hugging parents unite with these forest-friendly makeovers for children's rooms. The pretty rustic decor is everything. Excuse me while I daydream about Autumn leaves decal stickers and hedgehog inspired shelves.

(Image via Cara Halderman)

5. Family Road trip snacks

I think this is my favourite one. The level of ingenuity is awe-inspiring. Seriously, people have dedicated their whole lives to conjuring up new ways to store and transport healthy snacks for kids. I have many questions: How far are these families going? How often are they travelling? How hungry are these children?

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Other searches included how to teach your kids Spanish and finger puppet inspiration.

What do you search on Pinterest? Let us know or check out our Pinterest account to see what we like to pin!