These are things police officers wish you’d teach your kids to keep them safe 5 months ago

These are things police officers wish you’d teach your kids to keep them safe

Really important tips to know.

As parents, we always want to keep our children as safe as possible.

But how do we do that?

With so many concerns about strangers approaching them or online bullying, what are the best precautions that we can take to ensure their safety?

If you're not sure where to start, here are some safety tips that police officers want you to know that will help keep your child safe.

Teach you child to dial 999

In the age of mobile phones it might seem a little silly to say that you would need to teach your child to dial 999, but calling the emergency services is so much more than just a number.

Teach your child how to give their exact address over the phone and how to describe an emergency situation like their mum fainting or their dad having a fall on the stairs.


It is also good to teach them how to secretly dial 999 and describe their location incase they are lured away by a stranger.

Teach them to tell you what they are doing online.

While children, especially teenagers, might not want to tell you everything they do online, it's important to have enough healthy communication that they would tell you about something serious.

Whether it be online bullying or an adult trying to groom them, it's important that they feel safe and comfortable talking to you.

As parents though, it is also important to have safety software on any devices that children are using and restrict them from using social media until they are over 13.

Teach them to watch out for dangerous substances


While peer pressure or an urge to experiment might come about in your child, make sure they know the true dangers of some substances.

Even aside from illegal substances like meth, heroin or cocaine, many young people use legal substances to get a temporary high that can cause lasting damage.

Solvents like glue and paint are often 'huffed' by teenagers thinking that because the substance is legal it is not as dangerous as other drugs, but inhaling solvents can be fatal.

Teach your child to be wary of taking any strange pills from friends and strangers too.

Teach them to avoid posting personal details online

Social media has taken over and while many teens are using it, it is important that they know not to reveal too much about themselves to strangers.

It is very easy for adults to create accounts pretending to be teenagers, so it's important to teach your child not to reveal where they live, where they go to school or where they hang out online.

Knowing your child's whereabouts and usual movements makes it very easy for predators to stalk and kidnap them so being internet savvy is incredibly important.

Teach them who is safe to approach if they get lost

If your child becomes separated from you and they don't have a phone or are very young, it's crucial that you teach them what adults are safe to ask for help.

While police officers are a good choice, they may not always be around.

Police officers themselves suggest that if a child can not find a guard then they should look for a mother with children to help them.