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05th Aug 2021

#ToBeHonest: I really miss bonding with my baby through breastfeeding


This week is World Breastfeeding Week.

All over social media I’m seeing mums post photos of themselves breastfeeding their children.

It brings back a lot of happy memories of when I breastfed my own children but it also made me pine for those days a little too.


My breastfeeding journey was not straightforward at all.

I had a lot of trouble trying to get any milk out at all the first time around and on my youngest child my nipples became extremely cracked and sore.

I know I’m not really painting a picture of something a normal person would miss but there was a lot of positives to breastfeeding too, particularly the bonding.

From minute one my daughter was glued to me so even if her dad wanted to give her some pumped milk in a bottle she wasn’t having any of it.

She wanted boob and nothing else would do.

Even though it could be tiring those first few weeks of just her and me are something that I will never forget.

Because she needed to be fed every couple of hours we would often camped out in the living room with me on the sofa and her in the Moses basket beside me.

I did this so I could watch a bit of TV while she fed and we got through a fair few complete TV series.

I loved it though. Everyone else was asleep. It was just us and our special time together, which was hard to come by during the day as I had a four-year-old as well.

Another thing a really miss about breastfeeding is the little nuzzle my babies would do when they wanted to be fed.

They just dive right into your chest and rub their head against you until you get the hint.

It’s also a special experience that is unique to you as a mum. A special bonding experience that only you and your child can share.

Despite there often times being bumps in the road my time breastfeeding was magical and I would encourage any mum to give breastfeeding a go.

It’s a time I look back on fondly and to be honest, really miss.