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07th Aug 2018

Tom Daley to star in new documentary about surrogacy

Jade Hayden

tom daley

Tom Daley is to star in a new documentary about surrogacy.

The documentary, commissioned by the BBC, will follow Daley and partner Lance Black’s experience of surrogacy last year and the ever-growing-in-popularity process itself.

The couple’s first child, a boy named Robbie Ray, was born a few months back.

The documentary will explore how surrogacy works in the UK and the legalities surrounding the process.

As part of the doc, Daley also travels to the States to examine ‘commercial surrogacy’, where contracts between surrogates and potential parents is the norm.

The diving champion will also speak to women who choose to become surrogates to see why they made the decision.

He will explore the relationships that form between themselves and the baby they’re carrying, as well as the couple they will be giving their baby to.

Tom McDonald, BBC Head of Commissioning, said that the film will examine one of “the most complex issues in modern society and the laws which govern it are radically different across the world.”

He said:

“As new fathers through surrogacy, Tom and Lance are both committed to exploring all of the nuances around this very emotive subject.

“I’m thrilled that Tom is going to be our guide in this deeply personal and intelligent film.”

Surrogacy is due to air on the BBC in 2019.