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17th Aug 2018

15 simply beautiful baby names inspired by Irish surnames

Looking for inspiration?

Denise Curtin


There is nothing we love more than an original and unique baby name. Last month, we spent a great deal of time planning and concocting baby names we believe will be popular in 2018 and we have one more set to add to the list.

Yesterday, Jessica Alba announced the birth of her third child alongside husband Cash Warren, a beautiful baby boy named Hayes Alba Warren – and as Hayes originated as a surname here in Ireland, we already see a trend formulating which involves beautiful Irish surnames that can double up as first names.

We seriously like the sound of these ones:

1. Brady

2. Tiernan

3. Quinn

4. Cassidy

5. Keegan

6. Duffy

7. Delaney

8. Flynn

9. Keane

10. Nolan

11. Hayes

12. Ryan

13. Blake

14. Lennon

15. Grady

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