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08th Aug 2018

Flower power: 16 baby names inspired by pretty plants

Orlaith Condon

With the summer in full swing, flowers and greenery are bountiful wherever you look.

And we can’t help but be inspired by the environment when it comes to thinking of baby names.

Yes, not only are they beautiful to look at, but plants can also make for gorgeous baby names.

Here are 16 pretty baby names we think you’ll love just as much as we do.



Aloe – The succulent also makes for a lovely name.

Cassia – The old English name is sometimes translated as ‘cinnamom’.

Hazel – This name is obviously inspired by the hazlenut tree and we think it’s just gorgeous.

Laurel – Originating from latin, this name is more typically given to girls.

Poppy – Named after the red flower, this old English name is having a resurgence of popularity.

Rosemary – Translated from latin as ‘dew of the sea’, this cute name also gives you tonnes of nickname options.

Violet – Becoming very popular again in recent years, Violet has an old-fashioned charm about it that we just love.

Fleur – The French translation of flower is all kinds of cute for a name.



Rowan – The Anglicised form of the Gaelic Ruadhan, meaning ‘little red-haired one’.

Aster – This name comes from the modern, everyday Greek word for ‘star’.

Bay – Not to be confused with the millenial term ‘bae’, Bay is a French baby name meaning ‘auburn-haired’.

Linden – This unisex name refers to the Linden tree and was popular during the 1930s, and we can see why.

Reed – This named originated as a nicknamed for someone with red or auburn hair but became popular in its own right.

Ash – The Hebrew name translates as ‘happy’ and that’s a good enough reason for us.

Calix – Coming from Greek origin, Calix translates as ‘very handsome’ and is inspired by the calyx part of a flower.

Florin – A very popular boys name in France, this French/Roman name means ‘flourishing’.


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