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Baby names

01st Mar 2018

Mums share relatives’ shocking reactions to baby name announcements

Keeley Ryan


Picking the perfect name for your little one is a big deal for any parent.

And once you’ve settled on one that both you and your partner are over-the-moon with, there’s no doubt going to be some excitement over introducing your bundle to your families.

But things may not quite go as planned.

Regardless of the moniker you have lovingly picked for your little boy or girl, you can’t make everyone happy – and some family members are going to make their feelings really well known.

Mums have taken to Mumsnet to share their relatives’ shocking reactions to when they revealed their baby’s name.

One person said:

“When I told my mum our baby’s name, there was a silence – then she said: ‘You’re joking!’ She is now persisting in calling my daughter ‘Baby’ to avoid saying it.”

Another person recalled:

“My friend has just had a daughter. She has chosen Alice Elizabeth – a timeless classic name, in my opinion.

“Her mother’s comment: ‘Oh. Playing it safe, are you? Well, I suppose someone has to use the boring names so the braver people can use the nicer ones’.”

A different mum recounted:

“My father hated it because it was a footballer’s name – and not from his team.”

One mum’s mother-in-law took a rather…different approach to it all:

“My mother-in-law said she would call my son John, even though his name is Jack.”

Someone else added:

“I chose Raphael, told my family and their reaction was NO, partly because it’s one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Would a child even mind sharing a name with a crime-fighting turtle?”

Another bluntly said:

“I got a text saying ‘we’ll still love her regardless of her name’.”