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07th Nov 2020

Winter-born: 10 unexpected name ideas for your November baby

Trine Jensen-Burke

November baby names

Due this month?

November is the month where autumn turns more wintery. Where we start feeling like Christmas – and December – is suddenly around the corner again. In the US – and elsewhere – November is also the month of Thanksgiving – a season for showing our gratitude for those we love and that we hold dear.

If astrology is your thing, consider the fact that if your baby is born before November 22, he or she is a Scorpio, an emotionally deep water sign symbolized by the scorpion and ruled by Mars, the planet of action. However, babies born after that date (from November 22 until December 21) fall under Sagittarius, an exuberant, adventure-seeking fire sign symbolized by the archer centaur and ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion.

If you are expecting a little November baby of your very own, here are 10 really beautiful, and rather unusual, baby name choices for your little winter babe:

1. Demeter

Demeter is the Greek goddess of harvest, grain and fertility. The full name might be rather rate, but how about the nickname Demi?

2. Archer

If you give birth to a Sagittarius – a baby born between November 22 and December 21 – Archer is a great choice, as the name means “bowman,” which, of course, is the symbol for Sagittarius.

3. Apple

Be like Gwyneth, and give your little one a name which brings to mind the fall seasonal fruit.

4. Asher

The name Asher means, fortunate, blessed – all words which are perfect for a month where we give thanks, no?

5. Sage

Yes, it’s a herb, but we think the hue Sage can also bring to mind winter foliage – perfect for babies born at the cusp of winter season.

6. Arrow

Arrow is a beautiful name that works for both boys and girls, and are perfect for any Sagittarius baby.

7. Wynter

Like winter – but with a ‘y’ you know.

8. Eleven

Because November is the 11th month of the year.

9. Rain

From the song ‘November Rain.’ Alternatively, you could spell it Raine.

10. Aurelia

The word means the golden one, and the inner meaning implies a person who is lucky and born with a unique personality.