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19th Aug 2021

A ‘Clear drape C-section’ allows people see their cesarean birth happening

The method was introduced as part of the new wave of ‘gentle caesarean’ births

Hospitals in America have begun using clear drapes during C-sections in an effort to help those giving birth feel more included.

Thanks to the new clear plastic drapes, birthing people will now be able to see their babies emerge.

With a regular C-section, surgical drapes are hung to ensure everything is completely sterile and to conceal the work the surgeons are doing which, let’s face it, is not for the faint hearted. It does mean however, that you have no idea what’s going on until your baby is lifted close to you.

Having had a C-section, I was more than happy to hang out behind the drape while the doctors did their thing, but I can absolutely see the appeal of a clear drape.

The method was introduced as part of the new wave of ‘gentle caesarean‘ births, where music is often played and the baby is placed down for skin to skin immediately afterwards, like they would be during a vaginal birth.

Doula and photographer Tracy Abney, who captured these photos said she is glad that mothers are no longer missing out on the full birthing experience;

“I loved being able to watch my clients as THEY were able to watch their baby being born. They participated in the birth, and were able to witness the moment their son took his first breath. It was such a sweet experience and such a beautiful birth.”

We’d love to see hospitals in Ireland offer this as an option during C-sections, particularly as we have one of the highest rates of births via caesarean.

What do you think? Would you like the option of a clear drape c-section?