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07th Nov 2016

Meet The Dad Changing The Face Of Pregnancy And Fertility Products in Ireland

Sive O'Brien

If you have bought anything fertility, pregnancy, new baby or baby safety-related online in the past while, it has probably been from one of this guy’s websites.

Daryl Divilly is the man in Ireland when it comes to mum-to-be and baby products. His site stocks thousands of products, pretty much anything you might ever possibly need for conceiving, having a baby, and keeping the little squirmers safe. And best of all, at way less spendy prices than anywhere else online. Which is great news for most parents who almost bankrupt themselves on maternity and baby products at arguably the most expensive time in their lives – we have all been there! Add to that; the time spent trawling the internet looking for the snappiest prices around.

“ and our other feeder sites,, and take the customer on a journey from the beginning,” Divilly told us, adding: “It’s quite unique, nobody else here is offering a one-stop-shop, which is so important, not having to spend days pouring over the internet buying one product here and another one there.”

Divilly discovered this when his own wife was pregnant and spent way too much time trying to unearth products to make her pregnancy and new baby life easier. Armed with his already successful knowledge in beauty e-commerce, it was a no-brainer to launch a site offering efficient solutions for parents or parents-to-be.

The sites have everything from birth balls, fetal dopplers, pelvic toners, baby monitors, stair gates, and stove guards, but with one in six Irish couples currently experiencing fertility issues, it’s not surprising fertility products are the biggest sellers.

Ovulation tests and home tests for male fertility are super-popular. “If a couple is not having any luck conceiving naturally, they tend to go straight to a fertility clinic, but there so many things you can do first, and preliminary fertility test kits you can buy on our sites that could save you hundreds in consultation fees,” he explained.

“Our feedback is that there is a lot you can do before you have to go down the road of IVF, we sell a lot of specific supplements and minerals too, including fertility guru Zita West’s products, previously only available through the UK.”

They sell own-branded pregnancy tests too, which are way cheaper, “people tend to buy lots of the own brand tests in bulk, and if a test is positive, they might buy a ClearBlue brand to validate the first yes, it’s a great money saver.”

The most exciting development is a 28-day natural fertility programme which they teamed up with renowned Embryologist, Dr Clare Moran from Repromed to produce. Within the kit, you can determine both male and female fertility levels and have all of your questions answered privately. There’s a male semen analysis test which is performed at home with results in just 30 minutes. The female part of the programme analyses one complete menstrual cycle with a unique step-by-step guide, online tutorials, a fertility tracking chart, a basal body temperature thermometer, a cervical mucus monitoring guide, 10 ovulation tests and five pregnancy tests. “This is the most extensive and accurate home fertility programme on the market,” Divilly adds.

The 28-day natural fertility programme has been hugely popular, and it’s easy to see why, “We’ve realised from selling that kit that people just don’t have the right fertility and conception knowledge, so Clare provides online support through email and guides them to interpret the results, she generally feels that 90 per cent of the cases can be sorted without the need for going the fertility clinic route.”

Great news for anyone experiencing some difficulty conceiving, and a brilliant short-cut for those who don’t have a fertility clinic nearby, or the means to pay for costly consultations and tests, unless necessary. With each item dispatched on the same day as purchase, and always in unmarked packaging to protect privacy, it means you could have that fertility testing kit, a breast pump or stove guard by this time tomorrow. Online shopping for that handbag just might have to wait!