This mum has invented special underwear to help with C-section recovery 4 years ago

This mum has invented special underwear to help with C-section recovery

You'll wonder why no-one has thought of this before.

Being pregnant and giving birth is a huge undertaking for a women's body – much as it is just doing a job it was designed to do.

Anyone who has ever given birth, no matter what way that baby made his or her entrance to the world, will no doubt attest to the fact that a fair amount of pain and discomfort was involved – and for mums who delivered their babies via C-sections, a lot of this comes after the baby is out. A section, let's not forget, is actually fairly invasive surgery, and the recovery period after can be both painful and tough.

So, now here's a though – wouldn't it be nice if someone made some comfortable postpartum underwear that helped with C-section recovery?

Catherine Brooks, occupational therapist, "mumpreneur" and inventor of UpSpring's C-Panty, saw a need for postpartum underwear after undergoing an emergency C-Section of her own. Worried that other mums might not be getting the rest (and support) they needed after surgery, she designed an all-in-one solution for C-section recovery.

C-Panty is made of nylon and spandex with a medical-grade silicone panel woven into each pair.


The silicone provides safe levels of targeted compressions to minimize scarring and infection, reduce swelling and itchiness, support weakened muscles and help a woman’s body heal faster.

And even better, not only can you get these panties either high- of low-waisted, they are also free from any hooks, straps or Velcro, like many other compression-style underwear comes with, meaning it is much easier to conceal any C-section bulges while also staying comfortable throughout the day.

“If you had knee surgery, the skin closes in seven to 10 days, but you wouldn’t be ‘back to normal’–you’d be hobbling about with a brace on,” Brooks explains. “But moms are up being moms, focusing on the baby, not on the surgery.”