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16th Feb 2016

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 23 – It’s A Boy!

It’s a boy!

It only took our technician a minute to declare the baby’s sex. He zoomed onto the genitalia and pointed it out on the small screen. I couldn’t make it out, but apparently it was clear as day to my hubby. He nodded proudly and affirmed the blob as indeed the testes during the close-up.

Anyway, it’s wonderful news! I honestly didn’t have a preference but I do have a sneaking suspicion that my partner wanted a boy. The news came as part of the 20-week anomaly scan, a detailed investigation of the baby’s organs and growth patterns.

So of course the bigger picture at this stage is that the baby (sorry – our boy) is growing normally and everything looks healthy. At the end of the day, that really is the most important thing for every parent and great news to get.


The reaction to telling people the sex has been mixed. Some people are honestly shocked that we found out while others are more supportive. As I say – you can’t please them all. But the important thing is that we’re happy with our decision and I can’t foresee any regret at this stage.

I laugh though when I think about another male in our home. I can hardly keep my husband in food and if the way I’m eating is anything to go by, it’s going to be difficult to keep this little man fed too. Everything I eat seems to be in double portions and the biscuit tin is getting refilled on a regular basis.

The bump is also getting a lot more attention these days. People are still careful to ask ‘are you pregnant?’ but I’m really enjoying sharing the news with strangers cheeky enough to ask. It’s a wonderful time too because I’m starting to feel a lot more movement and can finally share this with my hubby without fear of squashing the baby with his hand.

All is going well so far which is the important thing. I’m going to frame the picture of the blob until I can replace it with his smiley face when he arrives!

Stay with us every week for more from ‘Big Belly’ as she continues her pregnancy adventure.