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28th Sep 2015

Swedish mother and daughter shared the same womb

The miracle of life never ceases to amaze us, but this unique story made one baby’s birth story a real family affair.

A woman in Sweden has spoken about being the mother of the first baby to be born from a transplanted womb. After losing her own uterus to cancer in her 20s, the woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – gave birth to a healthy baby boy nine months ago, thanks to a womb donated by her own mother.

Dr. Mats Brannstrom, a professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm IVF, was at the helm of this revolutionary process. He declared that the transplant, which took place during a twelve-hour operation, had united ‘three generations of the one family’ in a unique way.


Other cases in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, the UK and the US, using wombs from women who had recently passed away have been unsuccessful. In this latest case, it took four attempts to transfer the embryos (fertilised by her husband’s sperm) to the new womb, before the woman became pregnant with her son.

Speaking to The Associated Press, the new Mum said the pioneering operation will mean her son and his grandmother will have ‘this bond for the rest of their lives’. A pretty awesome story of new life.

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