Uh Oh! This mum wore full make-up while giving birth and people are NOT happy 3 years ago

Uh Oh! This mum wore full make-up while giving birth and people are NOT happy

Alaha Majid had a hospital checklist with a difference. 

Along with the newborn nappies and towels, she crammed in her 35 shade eyeshadow palette, two pots full of brushes, and false eyelashes when she went into hospital to give birth to her son.

The beauty blogger kept fans updated with glamorous photos of her childbirth experience throughout her drug-free labour. But many have attacked her choice, branding her vain, inappropriate and self-absorbed.

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(Image via Makeupbyalaha on Instagram)

I had three c-sections, so I never had the opportunity to even consider wearing a full face of make-up (You can't even have nail polish on during the operation) All our pictures immediately after birth show a very happy but tired and pale version of myself. The next day I pulled out my make-up bag and threw on concealer, mascara, and lipgloss for a picture with the new baby that we then sent to friends, family and posted on Facebook. It wasn't hugely important to me to look particularly glam, but I suppose knowing you are distributing a photo of yourself (and bub)  to a wider audience than usual means you do want to look your best.

It is all about how far you take it. 

TV anchor Savannah Guthrie was applauded this week for her very natural photos which show her smiling with her new arrival without a pick of make-up near her face. It was a dramatic departure from her usual morning television glam.  Her response was simple:

"The only makeup I'm wearing is joy! Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind to have fixed-up hair and makeup."

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(Image via Today Show

To apply or not to apply is the subject of discussion on mum forum Netmums. Some mums-to-be admitted that wearing makeup made them feel a lot more confident.

One poster Wishwehadgoneabroad disagreed:

Trust me, when you're in agony and possibly think you are dying with the pain, the last thing you will give a shit about is how you look.  It doesn't sound bad, it sounds ridiculous! grin  Focus on your new baby instead. HTH.

While another, MrsLynham had this advice:

I didn't wear make-up in labour (induced both times) but I would say that labour can be quite a physical, sweaty business, and maternity wards are generally ridiculously hot to keep the babies warm, so there is a high chance of any make-up you do wear melting.

UniqueandAmazing said it is entirely at a woman's discretion:

There's no harm in wearing it - no one's doing anything to your face, and if it makes you feel better then go for it. I didn't cry or puke or anything, and minimal sweat, so i can't see it would be messy at the end (maybe not foundation in case they need to see how pale you are)

What do you think mamas? Did you opt for full glam or do you think it is a time to focus our attention elsewhere? We would love to hear your comments!