Easter trees are trending – and here is why you should make one with your kids today 3 weeks ago

Easter trees are trending – and here is why you should make one with your kids today

Easter break is here.

And yes, we really now have another two weeks with the kids at home, trying to come up with things for them to stay busy with.

Breathe in and breathe out, parents – we got this. After all, we've been holding this s**t show together for over a year now, we can handle just about anything at this stage.

Need an indoor activity right now? Enter Easter trees.

Easter tree, I hear you ask – are we not mixing this spring-y holiday weekend up with Christmas now..? You know, the mid-winter holiday when we all decorate trees inside...?

But no – no mixing here. Easter trees are a legit thing – just hear us out.

According to Good Housekeeping, the tradition of Easter trees (called "Ostereierbaum") started centuries ago in Germany. Soon after, the Scandinavians created their own version with Påskris, a tradition where they string eggs and feathers around branches. Flash-forward to the present time, and Easter trees are now a common decoration in houses around the world.


And when you see how pretty Easter trees can be, we reckon you are going to immediately go out and get yourself some branches to decorate.


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So, what makes Easter trees different than the trees we decorate at Christmas? Well, for starters, Easter 'trees' are actually typically branches in a vase, and covered with accessories that scream spring: pastel hues, floral accents, and, of course, decorated Easter eggs.

Need some ideas as to what to put on your Easter tree this year?

  • Plastic dyed eggs
  • Rabbit-themed stuffed animals
  • Feathers
  • Faux flowers
  • Pastel-hued lights
  • Faux carrots
  • Paper bunnies + chicks
  • miniature birds or bugs