Mask up: 10 super-cute facemasks we have our eye on right now 2 years ago

Mask up: 10 super-cute facemasks we have our eye on right now

You just got to think of them as a fashion accessory.

At this stage, I don't think any of us would say we enjoy wearing masks whenever we pop into our local Dunnes or run into the petrol station to pay for petrol or catch the bus to town – but we have gotten used to it – and sure, it could be worse. At least there are shops open and we can meet friends for an (outdoor) coffee or pizza.

The thing about the reusable facemasks though, is that they really should be washed (on 60 degrees) after every wear – or at least when you come home for the day. And what this means, is that you need to actually have a fair few in your rotation, to make sure you always have a couple of clean ones to bring with you when you head out.

And right now, as we realise we need to expand our collection a little, here are some gorgeous masks we have our eye on right now:

1. Mandala Grey Facemask

We love the gorgeous masks from Mask Your Face – the brainchild of Letterkenny sisters Anna, Lisa and Molly. The unique and well-fitting masks come in adult- of kid sizes, and you'll find yourself wanting to order all the different designs, as they are truly fab.

€7, Mask Your Face

2 2-pack reusable homologated facemask


Pack of two homologated mask.

€9.99, Mango

3. Female linen facemask

Face masks made from sustainable 100% Irish linen. The masks are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic, soft and suitable for sensitive skin, comfortable and breathable. Linen is also naturally dirt-repellent. The masks are double layered linen with elasticated loops that sit behind the ears.

€19, Irish Linen House

4. Pleated Seasalt Fabric Face Covering 3-Pack


Three-pack of face coverings with comfy adjustable ear loops to create a secure fit.


5. Cameo Fashion Face Mask

Bold – and the perfect accessory to whatever you are wearing this autumn.

€1.80, Boohoo