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16th Jan 2023

This car seat hack is a lifesaver when it comes to strapping your child in

It’s always the same thing when we’re strapping our children into the car, it’s always stressful and they never cooperate.

Thanks to this new hack on TikTok, those days of constant battle might be behind us.

It turns out there’s a hidden feature in our kids’ car seats that makes strapping them in so much easier.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, one dad showed how effective this hack really is.

The hack revolves around the car seat’s straps and the dad explains how we can get them out of the way completely.

As some car seats are fitted with two handy plastic hooks located at the side of the chair which are ideal for wrapping straps around.

By doing this, you can effectively free up any unrestricted access to the seating area and allows parents to place their child in the car much more seamlessly.

Once the child is seated comfortably, parents can then put the straps around their arms and fasten the buckle tightly – and you’re done!

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The dad, who goes by @heavy_haul_n_fool on TikTok, said: “I am going to show you guys something I bet you did not know.”

After showing the technique step-by-step, he adds: “But now you can go and set your child in and the straps go around their arms.”

While this hack is brilliant, it is important to remember the advice from paramedic Nikki, who runs the Instagram page Tiny Hearts Education when doing this.

She says: “As you can see here, this jacket compresses and the child comes flying out.

“I did a demonstration here of putting Wolfie in his, doing up the straps for you, making sure that i checked and tightened him like I normally would.”

She then removes the jacket from her son without touching the straps or readjusting them.

“[It] shows you just how much space that jacket was actually taking up,” she explains.

The space results in the seatbelt no longer passing the pinch test.

Nikki reminds: “Remember any bulky jackets will compress and your child would not be safe.”