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22nd Nov 2019

Curly Kids Rock book empowers girls to rock their curls curly and I’m all for it

Melissa Carton

I grew up having a love/hate relationship with my curls.

Very few people in my family have curly hair so when I started to sprout a curly blonde mop, no one knew what to do with it.

The answer most of the time was to blow dry my hair straight or braid my hair. I rarely wore my hair just curly and there are very few photos of me as a child with curls.

For the longest time I didn’t even realise how curly my hair was. I thought puberty had suddenly turned my hair curly but it was actually only because as a teen I was in control of looking after my hair that I noticed.

Even now as an adult, the temptation to blow dry my hair straight to make it easy to manage takes over – you’ll notice even in my author profile picture I straightened my hair because I thought it would be easier for the photoshoot.

My curls were always presented to me growing up as a problem but as an adult I’ve realised that they are beautiful and make me stand out.

Recently my little girl’s hair has started to properly come through (she’s two) and she has indeed inherited her mother’s curly blonde mop.

The difference is I don’t want her to feel ashamed of it. Looking at her angelic spirals, I can’t imagine even straightening them.

Over the years through curly haired friends and the internet, I’ve learned how to manage my curls properly so already my daughter and I have an upper hand on the adults who had no idea how to manage my wild hair.

Still, I don’t know if my hair tips alone will help her to love her curls as there is a stigma associated with curly hair that it’s not as desirable as straight hair and it’s an idea that needs to change.

Curly Kids Rock is a book of positive affirmations for girls with curls.

A characterful children’s book aimed at curly-haired girls worldwide. A book of positive affirmations to help with confidence building and affirming belief in one’s self. Teaching girls to love their naturally curly hair.

The book promotes self-acceptance in a world where we are bombarded with straight glossy haired princesses, and made to believe there is only one type of beauty.

“No girl should have to change her style because of pressure from others. And every girl needs to understand that she is absolutely perfect, just the way she is. I spent many years trying to conform but, after having three children who all inherited my curly hair, I decided it was time to start creating a world they can succeed, prosper and thrive in. It all starts with my book, which is also personalized. For example, it allows the child to complete their name in the blank spaces throughout, whilst saying the positive affirmations”.

The book hopes that by using positive affirmations and expressions about their curls that young girls (and boys) the world over will learn to embrace them.

“This is a brand that we’re going to continue to grow, since the message is so important and carries universal appeal. I’ve recently completed a counterpart book for boys, and we’ve got big plans to take the brand global. The message is ultimately simple, but so vital for changing the mindset of people. The time is now!”

I personally think this book is a great idea and I wish something like it had existed when I was growing up.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to buy a copy for my little girl so that she can learn how to love her gorgeous curly locks.