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10th Jul 2020

Unmasking mental health for kid – Under The Mask is the free book every kid needs

Melissa Carton

A brilliant idea.

Author Emma Cahill, has just created a children’s Mental Health book ‘Under the Mask’ that helps children  recognise and manage their emotions.

The story features three characters – Blaze, Crash and Rustle, who teach children how to activate their superpowers (coping mechanisms) to help deal with their strong feelings in a safe way).


Emma decided to write Under The Mask to help children them understand and manage the varying emotions that arise during this anxious time.

The book is a simple story of a boy in lockdown who calls the Superheroes for help dealing with sadness, anger and worry at this time.

It includes simple coping mechanisms for children as well as important messages about staying positive and remembering that this will not last forever.

As well as being an author Emma is also a Primary Teacher and graduated from St Patrick’s College Drumcondra with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and English and continued to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education at the University of Glasgow.

I think the concept behind Under The Mask is a great idea especially during the current pandemic when children will be feeling more anxious than ever.

Under The Mask is available for FREE to download on Emma’s website.