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25th Dec 2020

Avoid the Christmas sugar crash with these three straightforward remedies

Melissa Carton

With all the festive excitement comes the inevitable Christmas sugar crash.

This kind of crash occurs after junk food binges which cause dopamine and blood sugar levels to drop quickly. If you want to avoid your smallies encountering the fall out of the Christmas sugar crash, try these three tips.

Keep the carbs

If your child has spent Christmas munching on selection boxes and candy canes it’s a good idea to have some carbs on standby.

Half a banana, half a cup of apple juice or orange will help relieve the symptoms of a sugar crash and prevent any major tantrums.

Get them moving

We can often feel like kicking back after binging on junk food but it’s the exact opposite of what you should do. Keep your child active and stimulated so that they can work off the excess energy from the sugar.

Herbal tea

If all else fails a nice cup of soothing herbal tea will help calm down any child suffering a sugar crash.

Green tea and lemon are particularly good.

Tea is also a diuretic, which means they’ll make you take more bathroom breaks. While it may not completely eliminate the sugar, it will get it through their body faster.