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24th Sep 2021

Mother says she used tech gadget Alexa to potty train her son and it worked wonders

Melissa Carton

Very interesting.

I’m currently in the process of potty training my toddler and it’s not going too well.

At first, she seemed very keen to learn but now anytime the potty comes out she runs in the opposite direction. Great.

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve thought of it too, f only there was a special hack or someone else to do it for you.

Well, apparently there is.

According to one mum from the UK, technology came to the rescue for her and helped her to get her child potty trained in no time.

Leanne Pafe says that voice activated technology Alexa took all the work out of toilet training her young son and after sharing her hack with Facebook group The Motherload, other parents have been encouraged to try it.

Pafe used the Amazon assistant to remind her toddler to sit on the potty every 40 minutes and she now says that her three year old is using the potty independently.

Can it really be true?

The 30-year-old mum from Somerset told FEMAIL how the thought struck her;

“I got the idea after watching my mum use her Alexa to remind her to start the potatoes for tea.

Archie loves the speaker anyway because he can ask her to play songs, say the alphabet and count so when Alexa flashes with a sound and says “Archie sit on the potty” he thinks it’s amazing and I get the feeling it makes him feel important.

He says, “mummy Alexa told me to sit on the potty.” And I say “oh well you better try then.” “

I’ve read a lot of toilet training tips but using the likes of Alexa or other similar technology had never crossed my mind before.

It’s a really straightforward and simple idea and I think I’ll have to definitely give it a try and see if I get the same great results that Leanne did.

Has anyone else tried this?