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22nd Aug 2019

Mum comes up with brilliant back to school tradition that you’ll want to steal

Melissa Carton

back to school

This is such a great idea.

If your child is starting their first day of school this year and you’re looking for the perfect memento of the occasion and the years to follow you have to check out what this mum did.

Mother Carina Cansino came up with this fantastic back to school tradition for her son and I wish I had thought of it when my son was starting school because it’s brilliant.

So clever and so cute. Cansino created a huge t-shirt for her son that reads class of 3032 on the front, the year her son will graduate from high school.

The hugeness of the t-shirt is of course so it will fit him when he’s a teenager but it’s the back of the t-shirt that particularly ingenious.

Cansino has created grids on the back with each year that her son will be in school that she marks each school year with his handprint at the age he was that year.

The idea is so adorable and I’m tempted to start one with my son even though he’s heading into second class now. Better late than never and a memento that will last a lifetime.