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15th Nov 2021

Musings: My daughter won’t shower without her teddy so this is what I’ve had to do

Melissa Carton

A mammy has got to do what a mammy has got to do.

My daughter and her teddy are inseparable, like really inseparable.

It all began when during a trip to Fota Wildlife Park a couple of years ago my daughter picked out a red panda teddy at the gift shop.

Ever since then the two of them haven’t been parted.

Everywhere my daughter goes, teddy goes and I mean everywhere.

Recently there was an incident where I couldn’t get teddy away from her while she took a shower with me.

Needless to say teddy got thoroughly soaked and had to be put in the tumble dryer.

This of course led to my daughter standing in front of the dryer crying and calling after her teddy for the entire time he was in there.

I decided then and there that I couldn’t watch her be that heartbroken again, but how was she going to shower with a stuffed animal.

Cue my new mammy hack.

We have glass doors on our shower so I figured once she could see Teddy was right beside her through the door she would be ok.

So I attached her teddy to a clothes hanger and hung him off the handle of the showers doors.

Sometimes a mammy has got to do what a mammy has got to do.

Is it the most complicated and scientific hack that has ever been discovered? No.

Is it effective and stops my four year old from crying every time I try to wash her? Yes

It’s just one of the many life hacks I’ve had to come up with as a parent and I have a suspicion that in the future I’ll have to come up with many more.

Why the parenting books don’t prepare you for all of the parenting tricks you’ll have to come up with I don’t know.

They should at least come with a few crossword puzzles or something to get the braincells going.

Also I really do think that there should be a parenting awards ceremony for Best Hack of the Year because I’ve seen other parents come up with some amazing ones.

We seriously don’t get enough credit for it.


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