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01st Mar 2019

This 10-year-old girl’s beautiful poem about being dyslexic is going viral


Anna O'Rourke

A schoolgirl’s touching poem about being dyslexic is going viral.

In it, the writer speaks about how she will never succeed – but reading the lines in reverse, its message is quite different.

The poem, entitled Dyslexia, begins;

“I am stupid/ Nobody would ever say/ I have a talent for words.

“I was meant to be great/ That is wrong/ I am a failure

“Nobody could ever convince me to think that/ I can make it in life.”

The poem was written by a ten-year-old pupil at a school in Hertfordshire in the UK.

Teacher Jane Broadis shared it on Twitter this week, saying it had “stunned” her.

Jane had been teaching her class about poems that could be read backwards as well as forwards.

“I was absolutely stunned when this tiny and humble 10-year-old showed me the poem,” she told Pretty52.

“I can’t believe she wrote something so beautiful and powerful in such a short space of time – she wrote it during her one and-a-quarter hour lunch break.”

The tweet has been liked over 150,000 times on Twitter in just two days.

It has struck a particular chord with others who suffer with dyslexia.