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28th Sep 2018

This celebrity mum’s hack for sneaking extra veggies into your kids’ food is GENIUS


Trine Jensen-Burke

If you have a picky eater on your hands you will no doubt know the feeling of literally trying anything to get them to just eat some GODDAMN vegetables.

My little boy is a major picky eater. Which is just odd, as his older sister, while not being big on meat and practically a vegetarian, is nothing short of great when it comes to any fruit and veggies, and will even fight me for acai bowls and spirulina smoothies.

Yes, really.

My boy, on the other hand, can find the tiniest piece of onion or broccoli lurking in anything, no matter how well I hid it. He will turn his nose up as frozen smoothie popsicles – even when I have dipped them in a bit of chocolate to try and entise him into tasting them. He will howl and make faces and flat out refuse to eat most green things, and no amount of crying (me and him) and begging (just me) will work.

Note: I am not above bribery either, of course, often resorting to promises of anything from Power Ranger swords to post-dinner ice cream in my (most often unsuccessful) efforts.

Which is why, obviously, I am a total sucker for any hack or trick or parental lie that can ensure more veggies are eaten.

Like this one that actress Tamera Mowry-Housley (from Tia and Tamara, remember?) recently shared with PureWow.

The mum-of-two has an easy but brilliant mum hack that works like a charm on her two children, Aden (5) and Ariah (3), and her hubby, Adam.

Seeing as her kids are a fan of spaghetti (like most kids), Mowry-Housley emphasizes healthy eating in her family and said she sneaks veggies into spaghetti sauce for a quick and nourishing meal. “What’s really cool about spaghetti and tomato sauce is that you can put carrots in there,” the Sister, Sister star revealed. “Actually, that’s what the Italians do, it’s their secret ingredient. And [my family] absolutely loves it.”

Guess I know what I’ll be trying for dinner this evening, then.

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