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12th Nov 2017

This video of a boy asking his mam about period pads is too much

"Do you use these on your butt?"

Jade Hayden


Where were you when you first learned about periods?

School? With a load of mates? In the local supermarket with your mam while she tried to pick up something nice for dinner but you picked up a giant pack of pads instead and started grilling her about them?

Probably not the last one.

For this kid, though, that was exactly where he was.

Or rather, that’s where he was when this hilarious video of him was taken.

We’re not sure if his mam explained to him what periods were after. She probably didn’t, but still.

The video shows the child clutching a large pack of Always pads while asking his mam whether she uses “these for your butt.”

He then repeats: “Don’t you use these for your butt?”

When he is told no, he then continues to press his mam for the truth, claiming that he saw her with them “in the old days.”

The kid is then sternly told to put the pads back and the video ends.


The video is, of course, hilarious, but it is also intriguing and we have a few questions that we would like to be answered.

First, how is that child’s voice so deep and is that even humanly possible?

Second, who is the second kid and why doesn’t he have his own YouTube channel because he clearly enjoys the limelight?

And third, where in God’s name do we buy a 40 pack of Always?