Mum's viral tweet shows what mums really do when they're at home with baby 2 years ago

Mum's viral tweet shows what mums really do when they're at home with baby

This is so true.

One of the most infuriating questions I was asked as a new mum was 'what do you do all day'?

It was as if they didn't notice the small helpless child hanging off me that was completely dependent on me to feed, wash and help put them to sleep.

I knew of course that they could see the baby and for some crazy reason thought as a new mum I had all the time in the world to sit around watching TV and eating boxes of Milk Tray. So not the case.

Any new mum will tell you just how little time they get to themselves on a daily basis.

In fact recently one mum's tweet went viral have she documented how she spent her time before having a baby and how she spent it afterwards and the results are eye-opening (which you'll need because you'll be sleep deprived).


Caitlin Hudon found that before having a baby she got a full night's sleep and had roughly around four hours and free time every night after she finished work.

After she had her child though, all of that sleep and free time became a thing of the past and was quickly replaced by being awake and breastfeeding, lots of breastfeeding.

breast milk changed colour

Hudon spent almost every second hour the first couple of months waking up to pump or breastfeed her baby and I can totally relate.

When my daughter was a newborn I set up her Moses basket in the sitting room and used to sleep on the sofa so when she woke up for feeds I could at least watch a film on TV if I couldn't sleep.

You can read Hudon's full results here but I don't think anyone who has ever been a new mum would doubt her findings.