Physiotherapists warn new mums not to carry baby car seats due to injury risks 1 year ago

Physiotherapists warn new mums not to carry baby car seats due to injury risks

Just after having my baby I remember the nurse asking to check my car seat.

It's fairly standard in Irish hospitals for the midwife to check that the car seat is suitable to be used for a newborn. I didn't drive at the time but thought I needed to have a car seat anyway to bring the baby home, even though I would be walking home.

On my second baby, I had the good sense to have my buggy brought up to the hospital so I could wheel her home. There was no way I was lugging a heavy car seat again.

Mum shares car seat warning

When I carried my first child home in the car seat I thought I was doing what was in their best interest. I figured they would be safer in the car seat than something like a sling. While I was thinking about what was in my baby's best interest, my mind was far away from my own best interest. A heavy car seat plus a hefty newborn does not a light load make.

Experts are now warming against new mums carrying their babies in their car seats too soon after giving birth. Physiotherapists believe that carrying such heavy weight so soon after having their baby could lead to some very serious injuries.


Medical professionals believe that the lifting of heavy objects like a car seat can lead to new mums experiencing organ prolapse. Organ prolapse is a condition in which pelvic muscles can no longer adequately support organs in the pelvic area.

After giving birth our muscles and pelvic area need time to recover and experts suggest that new mums do not carry their baby's car seat for at least two months after giving birth.

Looking back on it now I'm glad I didn't do myself any lasting damage by hauling my son around in his car seat. We can often forget to look after ourselves when we have a new baby but remember you have to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else.