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22nd May 2020

Parent shares video on reasons why their toddler cried and we can relate

Melissa Carton

Ah, life with a toddler.

I’m currently quarantined with a two-year-old and it’s been an experience.

If you’ve already gone through the toddler stage with your kid then you’ll know that it takes very little to set them off.

One day my daughter cried because she couldn’t put a pair of shoes over the shoes she was wearing because she wanted to wear them both at once.

Another day she cried because someone had eaten all the jellies. It was her, she are all the jellies.

They’re not the most reasonable bunch of people but I don’t think anything sums it up better than this parent’s video entitled ‘Reasons why my three year old ran to her room and cried’.

Reasons mentioned in the book included:

‘I peeled her orange wrong’

‘Her Elsa cup was in the dishwasher.’

‘Daddy woke up before he was supposed to.’

‘The fly wouldn’t shoo.’

and finally…

‘Grandpa doesn’t have a cat.’

All valid reasons as to why you would run to your room for a cry. Seriously grandpa what are you at not having a cat?

Lots of other parents commented the reasons why their child started crying recently and they are just as hilarious;

“My 5 year old cried his eyes out the other day because I had ‘ruined’ a piece of crumpled up paper that he had ‘made’ and I couldn’t ‘fix it’”

“My toddler cried because I couldn’t put their lolly back on the stick after they had eaten it.”

Let’s be honest, even though they can be frustrating some times toddlers do come out with some remarks and make excellent stories to discuss with other parents over video call.

What random things has made your toddler cry recently?