Two cute ways to remember how little your child was at their first Christmas 7 months ago

Two cute ways to remember how little your child was at their first Christmas

These are so sweet.

When I was little I would ask my grandmother if she was excited for Christmas and she would say 'no Christmas is only for children'.

At the time I thought she meant that she wasn't excited for Christmas at all but what she really meant was that she was more excited for the children in the family.

As a child I didn't get it but as an adult and even more so as a parent I do. Christmas is for children because children bring the magic to Christmas.

The way their faces light up when they see decorations or visit Santa for the first time is joy in it's purest form. You just want to stop time and stay with them at that moment forever.

Obviously we can't do that but there are a couple of special ways that we can remember how little our children were at their first Christmas.

I spotted this brilliant decoration idea the other day and I really need to try it this Christmas.

All you have to do is measure out a piece of ribbon the same length as your baby (or toddler) and store it inside of a clear bauble.

They when your child is all grown up you can pull it out to compare to how big they have become.

(I'm not crying you are)

This cute finger print bauble shared by Mama Uncut is so simple and would make a beautiful Christmas tradition.

I know I said that these tricks would be great for baby's first Christmas but how great would it be to make a bauble like this every year to track how they've grown through the years?

It would also make a lovely Christmas present for grandparents or aunts and uncles that money just can't buy.