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29th Sep 2021

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Lights Spectacular at Loughcrew’s Enchanted Garden

Melissa Carton

This looks amazing!

A must-see animated lights spectacle is taking place this Christmas at Loughcrew House and Gardens, in Oldcastle, County Meath, in Ireland’s historic heartlands.

Loughcrew’s Enchanted Garden will host Lewis Carroll’s classic story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The tale of Alice and all the magical creatures, her breath-taking experiences, and the amazing places she travels are interpreted through dramatic light and colour projection, drawing visitors into the much-loved children’s book in a uniquely engaging way.

Visitors can travel down the rabbit hole, find a door that fits, and take selfies in the magic potion bottle or with the Red Knights, the Queen of Heart’s card soldiers.

There is the chaos of tea at the Mad Hatter’s table, the ‘lobster quadrille’, recited by the Mock Turtle, and floods of Alice’s glistening tears, as the animals emerge from the garden to see our heroine in the dock in the Queen’s Court.

Tricks of the light will completely illuminate Loughcrew’s garden features, including St. Oliver Plunkett’s family church, where Alice literally grows before your eyes!

Along the Enchanted Garden Christmas trail there are treats for all the family, like hot chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, mulled wine, hot food and snacks. Of course, the Mad Hatter’s freshly brewed tea and scrumptious party food is not to be missed!

Open from Thursday to Sunday, every weekend from Monday 11 November until Thursday 23 December, tickets for the Enchanted Garden Christmas are now on sale.

Tickets can be purchased at, and cost €60.00 for a family of five.

Adult tickets are priced at €18.00 and a child’s ticket for €13.50 with all children under three going free!

Having named my own daughter after the curious fictional character I think it would be rude of me not to pop up and visit the Enchanted Garden this Christmas, how about you?