The kid's dream holiday? You can now stay in Bluey's house 4 weeks ago

The kid's dream holiday? You can now stay in Bluey's house

The kids will love this a lot.

Looking for somewhere for your next family adventure? We've found the perfect place if you're a Bluey fan.

You can actually stay in Bluey's house, which is now available to rent on Airbnb.

Bluey has to be one of the most beloved shows around. It is all our kids ever want to watch and it's a true blessing because it actually keeps them quiet.

Why not jet off to Australia and embrace the sunshine? The Brisbane-based spot is just like Bluey's house on the TV show.

The Airbnb listing reads: "On a leafy street in the heart of Brisbane, something magical has happened... the Heeler home from Bluey’s world has been recreated – for real life!

"Brace yourself for a weekend of family games and make-believe, in a home featuring colourful bedrooms, toy-packed playroom, and lush backyard - complete with a trampoline!"


The vibrant, fun-filled house is the ultimate holiday spot. The house features special features from the show like the iconic bay window, bone-adorned chimney, and the red letterbox.

Kids can even sleepover in Bluey and Bingo's bedroom, which has a stained-glass window, colourful lanterns, cloud cushions, and a watermelon rug.

The best part of the house has to be the kitchen, which even has Bandit's famous duck cake.

Bluey House

A maximum of two adults and two children can stay at the magical house.

This honestly sound like the dream trip for the kids... and us.

Click here for more information about the adorable Bluey house.