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21st Dec 2021

Six questions I have about Home Alone after re-watching it as an adult

Melissa Carton

It hits differently on a re-watch.

There are some films that are just Christmas classics and Home Alone is definitely one of them.

Right up there with The Grinch, Elf and Love Actually, you kind of just have to stick it on come December 1.

Recently I re-watched Home Alone and I have to say there are things I’m noticing now as an adult that I just didn’t question when I was a kid.

But I have questions now…


Firstly, and I know it’s been asked before, but how can Kevin’s family afford that huge house?

I think this is one of the first things that comes to everyone’s mind on a rewatch of Home Alone because that house is absolutely huge.

In fairness it is implied that both of Kevin’s parents have good jobs but given just how big the house is and that they all seem to have really nice clothes and toys that would have been expensive at the time I’m guessing someone had to be working in finance. I feel like if it was filmed nowadays his dad would have founded a successful tech company.

Secondly, how is it that exactly one ticket and one passport manages to get thrown out?

In a blink and you’ll miss it scene, Kevin’s ticket and passport accidentally gets thrown out while the mess at the dinner table is being cleaned up.

I’m not going to lie I find it awful convenient that exactly one passport and ticket gets thrown out when there were others on the table. If more than one had been chucked out they wouldn’t have made it through the ticket check as their tickets are counted on the way onto their flight.

Nowadays it wouldn’t matter anyway as there’s no way with the now more strict airport regulations that they would have been allowed onto their flight getting to the airport that late.

Thirdly, in all seriousness how did no one notice that Kevin wasn’t with them?

I’ve been on several family holidays and there is no way that no one would notice if someone was left behind.

Even if the adults didn’t notice, there’s no way not a single kid on that trip didn’t notice that Kevin was missing.

This kind of mishap would never have happened on a family trip to Wexford.

Why did the police officer sent to check the house not break in when there was a child home alone?

This scenes frustrates me no end.

A stressed out mother rings her local police department and tells them that her child is home alone and that she can’t get back for at least a day as she’s in another country.

Police officer goes to her home, knocks, gets no answer and leaves. That’s it.

This woman tells them that her child is there alone and because the frightened child doesn’t answer they just leave.

Add to this that all Kevin’s neighbour (apart from the man he’s afraid of) have gone on holiday and so have all of his relatives this small child is literally alone and yet the police don’t even try to gain entry to the house to do a welfare check.

How did the burglars not die from the injuries they sustained?

Seriously, if this was real life those burglars would have been going to the hospital or worse and not in the back of a police car.

They get burned, sustain head injuries and fall from heights that would at least cause serious injury.

The whack on the head they get off that shovel alone could have killed them.

And lastly, how did Kevin clean up that mess?

We’ve all done a panic clean when we know people are coming over, but the clean up job at the end of Home Alone takes the cake.

The house was destroyed.

There was broken stuff everywhere, random substances all over the place, feathers and god knows what else, but it’s all cleaned up in a matter of hours.

I’m telling you if this was set today Kevin would have his own range of Marie Kondo style books on how to tidy because he’s on another level.


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