Question: I'm applying for my child's 1st passport, how long will it take? 1 year ago

Question: I'm applying for my child's 1st passport, how long will it take?

How long were you waiting for your child's 1st passport?

Applying for passports is always a little stressful, but applying for your child's first passport can be particularly difficult.

Between forms to be signed by guards, trying to keep them still for the passport photo and trying to remember where you put their birth cert, it can be chaotic.

Add to that the often long wait times and you've got stress central.

Last year many parents were waiting months for their child's first passport to be processed so not surprisingly many parents are still concerned that they could be waiting months yet again this year.

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One concerned mum recently asked parenting travel group Mums On The Run how long she should expect it to take;

"How long is it taking for 1st passports at the moment?

Would like to book a summer holiday for May but guessing 3 months wait time for passport is unrealistic and taking much longer."


Many other parents came back to her straight away with their personal experiences of the process;

"Three to six months including delays and getting your own documents back."

"I would give it a minimum of 12wks to actually get it but have holidays booked a few weeks later, just so you're not stressing."

The average response seemed to be around the 12 week mark so if you're thinking of travelling this coming year with your child and need their first passport, I'd apply sooner rather than later.

If you are currently waiting on your child's passport that you've already applied for you can contact the passport office directly at +353 1 671 1633.

Phone lines are open from 9am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.