Why Salem is on my family travel bucket list and should be on your list too 1 year ago

Why Salem is on my family travel bucket list and should be on your list too

Salem is one of the most historical locations in the United States.

Very few of us went through school without hearing about the Salem Witch Trials.

Even just through TV shows and films like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Hocus Pocus most of us have learned about the small towns history with witches and magic.

Halloween is my favourite time of the year so Salem is always a place that I wanted to visit.

I know what you're thinking, isn't the history a bit dark and morbid for a family holiday?

At first I thought the same but on further investigation Salem is actually one of the most family friendly places to visit especially for Halloween.

Recognised internationally as one of the best places to celebrate Halloween, Salem events have evolved into a festive celebration for all ages.


Most businesses get into the spirit with extended hours, special programs, pumpkin-themed menu items, and souvenirs infused with a touch of Salem magic.

Events for Salem Haunted Happenings, which began in 1982, includes a Craft Beer Festival and Vampfangs’ Endless Night Vampire Ball and a Grand Parade.

There is also live music, free family films and the Salem Halloween Museum. The new museum will allow visitors to take a 3-D experience down memory lane to learn the history of Halloween and some of its favorite traditions.

As well as all that you can also visit the real historical sites of the town along with some of the filming locations of famous Halloween movies including, you guessed it Hocus Pocus.

As Halloween experiences go it really doesn't get any better and if you're looking for something to do for this Halloween or next then I would definitely add a trip to Salem, Massachusetts to your list.