10 reasons to get excited for autumn (because this summer isn't all that) 2 years ago

10 reasons to get excited for autumn (because this summer isn't all that)

Well, hello there, August.

I don't know about you, but I am starting to feel more than ready to call it a day when it comes to summer, and embrace the next season.

Slowly, as life is returning to a somewhat new normal, I feel like autumn this year will, hopefully, bring some closure to the absolute madness that has been the first half of this year.

So bring on the crisp mornings and the turning leaves. Give us all the hot chocolate and bright orange pumpkins and cosy candles.

Get ready to feel happy autumn is coming closer. Here are 10 reasons we cannot wait to embrace this next season:

1. Cosy knits and boots galore

Just admit it – there is something so deliciously cosy about getting into knitted jumpers and ankle boots again after weeks of flip flops and flimsy dresses.

2.  The allure of freshly sharpened pencils and new school supplies (even if that just means a new stapler for your home desk)


That back-to-school feeling is real – and lord, do we need back to school more than ever before this year!

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Yes, we're basic AF. And we literally couldn't care less.

4. It's the ideal time to re-watch fall movies, like When Harry Met Sally or You Got Mail

Even better? Invite some friends over and make it a movie night!

5. Jumping through leaves


You are never too old to fully embrace the joy of the season.

6. Cooking hearty meals like soups and stews again

Hello, perfect comfort food!

7. Lighting ALL the candles

Every single one – and don't forget the fairy lights either.

8. It’s now entirely acceptable to stay in every night and go to bed early


It always felt a bit weird getting into your pyjamas when it was still light out.

9. Visiting your local farmer's market

Autumn is a time to eat seasonally. Crisp apples, juicy blackberries, wholesome soups made with butternut squash or pumpkin – the list of tasty and nourishing vegetables goes on.

10. Decorating our homes for autumn

Bring on the plaid throws, piles of cushions and ALL the twinkle lights.

Let's face it – the first part of this year has been off the charts insane. I think we all deserve an autunm that is nothing but pure, utter hygge all the way.